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Title An Analysis Study on the Proposal for Increasing Hosting Capacity in Distribution Feeders
Authors 임현옥(Hyeonok Lim) ; 김현진(Hyeonjin Kim) ; 심준보(Junbo Sim) ; 조성수(Seongsoo Cho)
Page pp.516-522
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Distributed Energy Resources(DER); Renewable Energy; Hosting Capacity; Distributed Generation; Distribution Lines; Distribution system
Abstract With Korean Government’s Renewable energy 3020 plan, the penetration of DERs in Korean grid will raise to 20 percent of the total generation rate by 2030. Especially, with Interconnection guarantee policy for small generators by Korea’s power corporation, KEPCO, established in Oct, 2016, DERs interconnection delay due to lack of allowable distribution hosting capacity occurred and reduction of expanding cost for distribution facilities where 70% of DERs in South Korea are installed became one of important issues of KEPCO. Therefore, KEPCO needs to extract reasonable measures to increase feasible hosting capacity of distribution feeders in order to reduce expanding facilities cost under the condition of no matter in distribution system operation.
This paper proposes feasible hosting capacity of distribution feeders that can be adopted and the status of DER installation in distribution system, PV generation data, minimum load data in distribution feeders.