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Title Analysis of the Effect of Automatic Train Stop(ATS) by the Return Current Harmonics
Authors 백종현(Jong-Hyen Baek) ; 창상훈(Sang-Hoon Chang) ; 곽우현(Woo-Hyun Kwak)
Page pp.523-528
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords ATS(Automatic Train Stop); Return Current; Harmonic; Test
Abstract The use of ATS(Automatic Train Stop) has been restricted recently with the introduction of a onboard ETCS(European Train Control System) Level 1 ATP(Automatic Train Protection). However, ATS are still installed and operated on most of Korea's existing lines.
Data may not be transmitted from ground equipment of ATS due to the effect of the return current harmonics. In such a case, the onboard ATS on the vehicle may cause emergency braking or malfunction and cause problems such as delays in train operation or accidents. For these reasons, the Railroad Safety Act obligates the government to verify the performance of a facility after the new installation of the ATS device.
In this paper, the measurement and analysis method of whether these return current harmonics can affect the ground equipment of ATS is presented. In addition, the test results of electric railway vehicle operation are presented.