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Title A Study on Creation a Learning Dataset for the Development of an Unmanned Power Facility Monitoring System based on Deep Learning
Authors 정남준(Nam-Joon Jung) ; 채창훈(Chang-Hun Chae) ; 황명하(Myeong-Ha Hwang) ; 이인태(In-Tae Lee)
Page pp.1053-1060
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords PTZ Camera; 360 Camera; Learning Data Set; AI; YOLOv3
Abstract Since the emergence of deep learning technology, research and development using it in various industries has been in progress. In the power field, deep learning technology based on image recognition has been in the spotlight for the development of condition diagnosis and monitoring systems. However, in order to increase the performance of the deep learning model, it is necessary to build a large data set for learning it as well as the deep learning model. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a dataset creation method for development of unmanned power facility monitoring system based on deep learning. In an environment in which a PTZ camera and a 360-degree camera are operated simultaneously, various method for generating learning data were proposed, and the performance of the learning data set was proved through the detection system experiment.