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Title Cell Quantization Tool for Anterior Chamber OCT Images
Authors 이영섭(Yeongseop Lee) ; 강태신(Taeseen Kang) ; 한용섭(Yongseop Han) ; 김진현(Jinhyun Kim) ; 김경훈(Kyong Hoon Kim) ; 이성진(Seongjin Lee)
Page pp.1073-1080
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords SD-OCT; Computer Vision; Anterior Chamber; Cell Count
Abstract In general, ophthalmologists visually grade the state of a patient by counting the cells within the anterior chamber OCT image. The manual cell counting method is highly inaccurate and spends a lot of time to determine the progress of the patient. In this work, we develop a new tool to count cells in anterior chamber OCT images to aid doctors in analyzing the state of patients. We exploit image processing to remove noises from images, segment the anterior chamber, and quantize the cells in OCT images. We also provide statistics to aid the doctors in determining the progress of the patients.