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Title Failure Analysis when Interlocking a Transformerless Type PV Inverter with a PV DC Simulator
Authors 정성인(Sung-In Jeong)
Page pp.1144-1149
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Transformerless Type PCS; PV DC Simulator; Fault Analysis; Test Facilities
Abstract Normal characteristics test of grid-connected photovoltaic inverters using test facilities such as a PV dc simulator power supply, a simulation system power supply (AC-simulator), a measuring device (power meter, analyzer, etc.) and a load device (RLC dummy load), and protective function tests. Recently, a transformerless type photovoltaic inverter that can increase power generation efficiency, reduce weight, size, and increase power generation time has been developed and popularized. The transformer-less inverter for solar power generation does not reflect the insulation function, which is the basic role of the transformer, internally. Therefore, when applying the transformerless inverter, abnormal operation may occur through breakdown between the devices and mutual interference, and sometimes it may cause a serious failure in the test equipment (simulated DC power supply for the solar cell, simulated power supply, etc). Therefore, in this paper, the transformerless type inverter for photovoltaic power generation is connected and connected to the device as shown in Fig. 1 to configure one system to protect and solve the test facility through failure analysis based on the problems that occur when the devices are interlocked. I would like to suggest a method through experiments.