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Title Information Visualization Program for Analysis and Education of Power Systems - Part 1: Drawing and Editing Functions
Authors 차효원(Hyo-Won Cha) ; 김병호(Byoung-Ho Kim) ; 홍민(Min Hong) ; 김규호(Kyu-Ho Kim) ; 김홍래(Hongrae Kim)
Page pp.1295-1302
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Visualization; Power System One-Line Diagram; Auto Drawing
Abstract In modern power systems, the data for the analysis, monitoring, and operation has become massive. In order to provide the present operating states of the power systems, it is required to have effective visualization methods. In this paper, we present the software to monitor and analyze the power system operations and to show the operating information of the power systems. The program includes the functions for drawing and editing the power system configuration and related information. Automatic drawing function of one line diagram for the power systems is included in the software program, using the geographical information of the buses.
The information on buses, lines, transformers and shunt devices can be modified on the diagram and also in the text-based files.
The developed software will be used to analyze the operating conditions of the power systems, and also to educate the power system operators.