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Title A Study on the Optimal Design of Built-in Electric Motor for Driving Integrated Flywheel
Authors 김성안(Sung-An Kim)
Page pp.1349-1355
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Gyro stabilizer; Flywheel; Precession torque; Electric motor; Response surface method
Abstract The gyro stabilizer that reduces the lateral fluctuation of a ship generates a precession torque of the gimbal using the flywheel moment of inertia. An electric motor is needed to drive the flywheel. The conventional gimbal has a problem of a increase in installation space and weight because the fastening between the flywheel and the motor is made of a belt pulley. Therefore, this paper proposes an integrated structure in which the motor is installed inside the flywheel and presents the optimal design of the built-in motor to improve performance. The mechanical and electrical effectiveness of the proposed gimbal was verified through stress analysis, electromagnetic analysis and thermal analysis.