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Title The Deduction of Generation Efficiency Coefficient of the Floating PV Systems with the Cooling Effect of Water Surface
Authors 권오극(Ogeuk Kwon) ; 권진성(Jinseong Kwon) ; 조현식(Hyunsik Jo) ; 차한주(Hanju Cha)
Page pp.1364-1370
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Floating PV; Cooling Effect; Efficiency; Generation Efficiency Coefficient
Abstract he efficiency of PV systems varies in performance due to several factors, such as module efficiency, PV arrays, PCS, solar irradiation, ambient temperature, and wind speed. In this study the cooing effect of floating PV is mainly discussed. In order to examine the cooling effect of reservoirs, three laboratory experiments are performed by controlling chamber temperature. The first experiment was conducted to determine the amount of light reflected from the water surface compared to the ground. Secondly, the representative temperature and humidity were set for each season and the temperature difference of module between ground and water conditions is measured. The third experiment was a comparative experiment of the generation amount between ground and floating PVs according to the change of the outside temperature. In addition, a mathematical model was selected and compared with experiment results.