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Title Estimating Elliptical Polarization with Linear and Circular Polarization in Image Sensing
Authors 김진수(Jinsoo Kim) ; 김대은(DaeEun Kim)
Page pp.1393-1399
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Light Polarization; Elliptical Polarization; Circular Polarization; Linear Polarization
Abstract Investigating light polarization for a camera image has been a challenging issue. Linear and circular polarization properties have been investigated separately. We introduce how to estimate the elliptical polarization for a camera image. Linear polarization and circular polarization properties are combined to obtain the elliptical polarization. By observing a series of polarization-filtered images, we can estimate the full range of polarization direction as well as the magnitude for each direction for the elliptical polarization.
The elliptical polarization can be applied to estimate linear and circular polarization properties together and also measure complex patterns of light on the surface of materials.