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Title Efficiency Characteristics Review of Stand-alone Power Device with respect to the Secondary Inductor in the Push-pull Converter for PV-ESS
Authors 이현재(Hyun-Jae Lee) ; 전해옥(Hai-Ok Jeon) ; 손성용(Sung-Yong Son) ; 손진근(Jin-Geun Shon)
Page pp.1408-1413
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords ESS; Photovoltaic; Push-pull Converter; Single Phase DC/AC Inverter; Stand-alone Power Device
Abstract This paper analyzes stand-alone power device efficiency for the presence or absence of an inductor using a single-phase inverter based on a push-pull converter. Experiments were conducted using the push-pull converter based single-phase inverter. It showed higher power conversion efficiency of up to 2.2[%] than when no inductor was present. It is determined that these results can affect power efficiency depending on whether or not there is an inductor on the secondary side of the push-pull converter. When designing an inverter for high efficiency, it is considered that the inductor of the converter can be considered as an important factor.