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Title A Particle Swarm Optimization for Combined Heat and Power Operation Considering Heat Extraction and Network Constraint
Authors 김태형(Taehyoung Kim) ; 임정택(Jeongtaek Lim) ; 함경선(Kyung Sun Ham) ; 서재완(Jaewan Suh)
Page pp.1415-1425
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords CHP; Distributed generation; Heat extraction constraint; Optimization; PSO
Abstract Distributed combined heat and power(CHP) is considered as a solution to the centralized power system congestion and the carbon emission. However, since small-scale CHPs are not economically viable, advanced operation method is needed. This paper proposes particle swarm optimization with adjacency matrix and heat extraction constraint for optimal CHP operation. We made nonlinear CHP output model from demonstration data. Mesh and Non-mesh hot water network case is simulated by MATLAB 2019a for a day operation. Simulation results are compared to case without heat extraction constraint and showed the effectiveness of the proposed method.