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Title Analyze the Root cause of a VT Fuse and Suggest the Solution
Authors 김순용(Soon-Yong Kim) ; 박진엽(Jin-Yeub Park) ; 정필범(Pil-Bum Jeong)
Page pp.1440-1444
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Power Fuse; Voltage Transformer; Failure Mechanism; Knee Point; Ferro Resonance
Abstract Power Fuses that are installed to protect for Voltage Transformer had been burnt out by operating environments, the characteristic of fuse and aging in power plants. To analyzes the root causes of fuse failures, this study reviews the appropriateness of the fuse selection according to the VT rating and capacity, the effects of inrush current that may occur during VT power up and the possibility of resonance due to poor VT excitation characteristics. In addition, the internal condition and the blown-off melt shape of the burned-out fuse were confirmed by the industrial X-ray, the electron microscope, and the material analysis.