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Title Battery ESS Fault Analysis based on the ESS Ground/Shortcircuit Test
Authors 김수열(Soo-Yeol Kim) ; 임지훈(Ji-Hoon Im) ; 이일용(Il-Yong Lee) ; 김진태(Jin-Tae Kim) ; 최인규(In-Kyu Choi) ; 김형근(Hyeong-Geun Kim)
Page pp.1445-1455
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords AC·DC Combined System; Battery; ESS; Fire; PCS; System Integration; System Analysis; Ungrounded System
Abstract Battery ESS had been variously applied to power grid before recent ESS fires in Korea. An investigation committee was constituted to find fire causes and countermeasures to ESS fires. The investigation committee has identified top 4 causes for recent ESS fires as insufficient battery protection system against electric faults, incomplete system integration, inadequate management of operating environment, and careless installation. And recent 2nd investigation committee has presumed that battery abnormal condition was another reason for ESS fires. Battery protection system and system integration could be related with systematic issues such as insulation and protection coordination between PCS and battery system, information sharing and protection sequence. Manufactures made their best efforts to upgrade PCS and battery system by each, but had no much interest in the other subsystems of integrated system except their owns. Systematic analysis is very important to improve the reliability of ESS, which is combined by AC source and DC source via PCS. This paper reports system analysis results and suggests countermeasures against electrical faults, including simulation of ground fault and short fault, demonstration test result and systematic issues more than anything to solve for ESS business going forward.