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Title A Study on the Standard for Measuring of Converter Fed Motor Efficiency
Authors 장기봉(Ki-Bong Jang)
Page pp.1464-1469
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS); Effiency; Induction motor; IEC 60034-2-3; Converter fed motor
Abstract Efforts to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions continue to be made to cope with growing climate change and environmental problems. To this end, improving the efficiency of the motor has become an important part. Regulations on the efficiency of electric motors around the world continue to increase, and in recent years, the efficiency of the converter-fed electric motor has also been included in the regulation. In Korea, only the efficiency of electric motors operated directly by grid is subject to regulation. However, it is expected that it will gradually expand into a converter-fed motor. In this regard, KSCIEC 60034-2-3 was also established in Korea in 2019 as a standard for measuring the efficiency of converter-fed motor. In this paper, the current status of the international standard related to the efficiency measurement of electric motors and the domestic standard corresponding thereto are reviewed.