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Title Hovering Control Using -sliding Surface of Quadrotor with Uncertain Time-Varying Mass and External Disturbance
Authors 엄영철(Yeong-Cheol Um) ; 최호림(Ho-Lim Choi)
Page pp.1474-1483
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Quadrotor; sliding surface; Hovering control; Uncertain time-varying mass; External disturbance
Abstract In this paper, we propose a feedback controller using sliding surface for quadrotor with uncertain time-varying mass and external disturbance. For the robust hovering control of quadrotor, we using sliding surface and analyze the closed-loop system using Lyapunov function. Through analysis, we show that  can reduce the ultimate bound of each state. In addition, the proposed controller is applied to the actual quadrotor to illustrate the validity of the proposed controller.