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Title A Basic Study on Digital Manufacturing Technologies for Catenary System in Railway
Authors 최균석(Kyunsuk Choi) ; 김주욱(Joo-Uk Kim) ; 이기원(Kiwon Lee) ; 서경주(Kyoung-Ju Seo) ; 박영(Young Park)
Page pp.1495-1498
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 3D printing; Catenary System; Smart Manufacturing
Abstract Recently, smart manufacturing technology research is being conducted in various fields, using digital parts-based technologies.
Components that are used for electrification in electric railways are manufactured using casting techniques. This is because the mechanical and electrical properties required to ensure safety considerably vary, and the standards defined for errors are strict. To apply digital parts-based manufacturing technology to parts for electrification, the design of existing parts must be 3D-modelled, and research must be conducted on manufacturing techniques using metals. In this study, we investigated digital laminate manufacturing technology for smart manufacturing of parts for electrification. The clevis-type terminal clamp of the contact wire was manufactured using stereolithography apparatus. The deviation, which was measured using a 3D hybrid scanner and a 3D coordinate measuring device, was observed to be approximately ± 500 m. The model illustrated in this paper will be used as a reference to study metal μ train parts in the future. In addition, it is expected to be used as a pre-modelling development technology for manufacturing singular-shaped parts