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Title Study on the Interface of Electric Railway System and Smart Load Balancing System in the Aspect of Practical Use
Authors 정노건(No-Geon Jung) ; 박진규(Jin-Kyu Park) ; 김상헌(Sang-Hun Kim) ; 장홍석(Hong-Seok Jang) ; 최성수(Seong-Soo Choi) ; 이태훈(Tae-Hoon Lee)
Page pp.1519-1524
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Smart load balancing system; AT feeding system; Electric railway system
Abstract In this paper, the interface that should be considered for the smart load balancing system to be practical. For this, an electric rail power supply system and a smart load balancing system were modeled, and the interface characteristics were analyzed by combining them and simulating them. For the load, a resistances of 11.60MVA similar to that of a general railroad vehicle and a load of 7.56MVA that can occur while a railroad vehicle is running were used. As a result, it was confirmed that the voltage difference on the M/T may vary depending on the connection position of the load and the measurement position(SSP, SP). And it was confirmed that the voltage difference occurred differently according to the load size(11.60, 7.56MVA) too. And for the practical use of the smart balancing system, it was confirmed that optimal design of hardware, controller, etc. is necessary in consideration of all situations analyzed in this paper.