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Title A Study on Prediction of Temperature Increase when Applying De-Icing Loop Current in the Rigid Conductor of AGT 3rd Rail System
Authors 권삼영(Sam-Young Kwon) ; 박기현(Ki-Hyun Park)
Page pp.1525-1532
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords rubber-tired AGT system; de-icing; rigid conductor; loop current; frost
Abstract This paper aims to review the basic conditions in designing the de-icing system of the loop current type in AGT 3rd rail system.
The loop current type is defined as melting ice/frost on the rigid conductor by Joule’s heat generated by large current flowing through rigid conductor. A simulation is more cost-, time- effective means than experiments in reviewing the temperature increase in loop current type of de-icing system. To make simulation program, the theoretical backgrounds were reviewed. In accordance with the established theory, simulation program was written in MS-Excel. To verify the accuracy of developed simulation program, current injection experiments in rigid conductor were conducted. Temperature rises at 1700A, 1500A, 1200A were compared with the program. Two(experiment and program) results were fairly good agreed. With the simulation program, case studies were conducted in various assumed conditions, especially in 2m/s wind condition and in 60 minutes current injection, etc. From simulation case study, we deduced followings; 1) The operation of loop current de-icing system is quite safe up to 1700A-60 minutes current injection condition. 2) 30 minutes before commercial operation is proper for the current injection time 3) To obtain the de-icing effectiveness, it is necessary to inject the 1500A or more.