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Title A Study on the Flyback Converter Power Factor Correction Applied to LED Exit Lights for Railway Stations
Authors 오효석(Hyo-Seok Oh) ; 김민섭(Min-Seop Kim) ; 심규석(Kyu-Seok Shim) ; 장진영(Chin-Young Chang) ; 김재문(Jae-Moon Kim)
Page pp.1548-1554
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Exit Lights; Railway Station; Flyback Converter; Power Factor Correction
Abstract In this paper, a simple method to improve the power factor of the conventional LED exit light with a flyback converter was proposed. Conventional flyback converters are applied to LED exit lights, which are constant loads, and 4.8[V] batteries are connected in parallel at the output stage. Therefore, by adding a passive filter between the rectifier circuit part and the primary side of the transformer, it is possible to minimize the change of the conventional circuit and improve the power factor. As a result of changing the duty ratio of the flyback main switching device from 25% to 56%, the power factor showed a high result from 95.5% to 98.3%.