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Title Study on Characteristic Analysis of Induction Type Heating Device for Anti-icing in Railway Switch
Authors 정거철(Geochul Jeong) ; 지우영(Woo-Young Ji) ; 김진출(Jin-Chul Kim) ; 박찬배(Chan-Bae Park) ; 이재범(Jae-Bum Lee) ; 이주(Ju Lee) ; 이형우(Hyung-Woo Lee)
Page pp.1555-1560
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Railway switch; Induction heating; Finite-element method (FEM); Multi-physics
Abstract In this paper, a study was conducted on an induction type heating device to remove snow and ice that may cause obstacles and malfunctions of the railway switch. In the induction heating device, an ohmic loss is the heat source. Ohmic loss and heat transfer change greatly depending on the shape and material of the heating device and condition of the atmosphere. Since the loss must be accurately calculated to conduct the thermal analysis properly, it is necessary to analyze the electromagnetic and thermal characteristics and to interlock of electromagnetic and thermal analysis. Therefore, the electromagnetic and thermal analysis was conducted using finite element method (FEM). By the performance test of the prototype, verification of the simulation was conducted.