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Title A Dynamic Velocity Profile Generation Method for Autonomous Driving of a Tram Vehicle
Authors 박성원(Sung-Won Park) ; 최경준(Kyung-Joon Choi) ; 황현철(Hyeon-Chyeol Hwang) ; 곽재호(Jae-Ho Kwak)
Page pp.1569-1577
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Profile generation; S-curve; Autonomous vehicle; Tram
Abstract In this paper, a dynamic velocity profile generation method is proposed to meet the real time operation planning requirement of autonomous tram. This method takes into account the acceleration and jerk limit of a target vehicle to establish the reference profile with suitably chosen control modes. The modes are determined by the maximum braking distance estimation and velocity limit criteria of the routes such that a violation free profile is achieved, while related decision logic and parameters are derived analytically to make sure efficient computational cost. Based on the mode and states of profile, the usable values of acceleration and jerk are derived at each sample step, which facilitates the profile generation and correction in real time. The feasibility of the proposed approach is evaluated by simulation studies on a test scenario.