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Title Analysis of Voltage and Current Characteristics According to the Change of Starting Speed of MVR Applied with Induction Motor in Practical System
Authors 임태문(Tae-Moon Lim) ; 이희진(Hee-Jin Lee)
Page pp.1579-1585
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Induction motor; Inrush current; Starting time; Torque; Voltage drop
Abstract When starting a large-capacity induction motor, a very large inrush current is generated, causing a voltage drop in the system. If this voltage drop is large, it affects the other loads and makes it impossible to operate. Also, if the load torque applied to the induction motor is greater than the motor torque, the motor may fail to start. When selecting a motor that drives a large-capacity rotating machine, a starting method and starting time suitable for the power capacity and load characteristics are required. It is a condolfer starting method of a large-capacity induction motor that is actually applied in the industrial field, and it analyzes the operating characteristics that appeared during trial operation, so that it can be used when operating a large-capacity motor.