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Title A Study on the Mitigation of Constraints of Large Scale Power Plant using BESS
Authors 정솔영(Sol-young Jung) ; 오승찬(Seung-Chan Oh) ; 송지영(Ji-Young Song) ; 구현근(Hyunkeun-Ku) ; 신정훈(Jeong-hoon Shin) ; 이재걸(Jae-gul Lee)
Page pp.1597-1603
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords BESS; Frequency Stability; Generation Constraint; SPS
Abstract In case of 765kV transmission line tripping, there is a Special Protection Sheme(SPS) in Korea power system. To avoid generator over-speed, preselected generators can be tripped by SPS. However, the system frequency can be under the Under Frequency Relay(UFR) 1st pickup level 59.92Hz when large scale generators are tripped. Accordingly, generation constraints can arise until new transmission lines are installed. In this paper, we proposed BESS for mitigating generation constraints of large scale generators, and we applied to the Korean power system in 2022 to analyze the effects of BESS application.