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Title Study on the tuning of Power System Stabilizers(PSSs) in the newly installed Combined Heat and Power Plant(CHP)
Authors 신정훈(Jeonghoon Shin) ; 정솔영(Solyoung Jung) ; 구현근(Hyunkeun Ku) ; 오승찬(Seungchan Oh) ; 송지영(Jiyoung Song) ; 김수배(Soobae Kim) ; 이재걸(Jaegul Lee)
Page pp.1604-1615
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Combined Heat and Power(CHP); Parameter Tuning; Power System Stabilizer(PSS)
Abstract Due to the global environmental issue to reduce carbon dioxide emission, combined heat and power (CHP) plants have widely been installed adjacent to load pockets. This kind of CHP plant typically consists of a gas and a steam turbine. Because of inherent complicated structures for the combined power plant, the application of power system stabilizers (PSSs) is not easy. Because it is important to set the parameters of PSSs installed in both sides without any negative impact. Careful consideration of possible interaction with the stabilizers installed in Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) and Steam Turbine Generator (STG) should be needed. In the paper, the whole procedure of PSSs tuning for the newly constructed CHP plant(569MVA) is proposed starting from data setup for tuning the parameters based on raw data provided by manufacturers to field test for performance verification of tuned PSSs