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Title Real-time voltage stability monitoring and transmission parameter estimation based on phasor measurement data using real-time digital simulator
Authors 고백경(Baekkyeong Ko) ; 남수철(Suchul Nam) ; 구본길(Bongil Koo) ; 강성범(Sungbum Kang) ; 신정훈(Jeonghoon Shin)
Page pp.1626-1632
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Phasor Measurement Unit; Voltage stability; Transmission line parameter estimation
Abstract Korea electric power system has more than 40% of load demand concentrated in the metropolitan area. Therefore, most of the power generation is supplied to the metropolitan area using 765kV and 345kV transmission lines. The main lines are 2 routes of 765kV and 4 routes of 345kV between the metropolitan area and the non-metropolitan area, these lines are called interface lines.
KEPCO developed WAVI and IF indices, which can be monitoring the voltage stability in real time using PMU data. And KEPCO also developed a transmission lines parameter estimation algorithm by using PMU data for protection relay setting. In this paper, we will describe the verification results based on large-scale RTDS to verify the two algorithms developed above. And the algorithm results are connected SIGUARD PDP Server which is a commercial PMU data concentrator. We are also planning to connect the algorithms to real operating WAMS system in future