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Title The Development of Verification System for Interoperability in Digital Substation
Authors 박유영(Yu-Yeong Park) ; 이남호(Nam-Ho Lee) ; 김남대(Nam-Dae Kim) ; 김우중(Woo-Joong Kim) ; 신정훈(Jeonghoon Shin)
Page pp.1633-1639
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Digital substation; IEC 61850; IED; Interoperability; Verification system
Abstract Since KEPCO’s digital substation is not composed of a single manufacturer’s device, but consists of 4 to 6 different manufacturers’ devices, interoperability between devices is considered very important. IEC 61850 International Standard does not define a single way of expressing all information that intelligent electronic devices in substations must implement, but allows the freedom to implement it differently for each manufacturer. The reality is that the operating environment for S/W implementation, communication library, operation method for system operation, and response method for communication failures differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. For this reason, compatibility problems between devices occurred from the beginning of the introduction of digital substations and caused obstacles in substation operation. In this paper, by analysing various compatibility problems that occurred at the site, it explains digital substation interoperability test-bed that can select interoperability issues rather than simply device failures and execute test procedures to verify them in advance, and the verification system that can automatically carry out the whole test process.