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Title Development of Power System Situation Recognition Technology Using PMU Data
Authors 남수철(Suchul Nam) ; 고백경(Baekkyeong Ko) ; 구본길(Bongil Koo) ; 강성범(Sungbum Kang) ; 신정훈(Jeonghoon Shin)
Page pp.1640-1648
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords PMU; Phasor Measurement Unit; WAMS; Wide Area Measurement System; Synchro-phasor; Voltage Stability Index
Abstract The PMU can collect time synchronized and very accurate monitoring data. Recently, this technology has received a lot of attention to improve the stability of the power system. The PMU provides fast and accurate monitoring information to the operator, helping the operator to make the best choice. For this reason, many countries are adopting PMU technology. Korea has also attempted to introduce PMU technology, but the introduction has been delayed for various reasons. As the use of PMUs is delayed, concerns about operational difficulties due to renewable energy are increasing in the field. To solve these problems, KEPCO conducted research on expanding the introduction of PMU technology from 2017, and completed it in June 2020. Through the successful implementation of this research project and application to the field, KEPCO has played an important role in changing the negative perception of PMU by domestic engineers. This paper introduces the efforts of KEPCO and plans to expand the use of PMUs in Korea in the future