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Title A Study on the Development of Trouble Simulator for Digital Substation
Authors 박유영(Yu-Yeong Park) ; 김석곤(Seok-Kon Kim) ; 박철원(Chul-Won Park)
Page pp.1689-1696
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Digital substation; IEC 61850; IED; Interoperability; Trouble simulator
Abstract As of January 2020, KEPCO has operated about 60 digital substations. Digital substation has established for new 154kV substations since 2013, and it has installed as a multi-vendor-based system in which 4 to 6 manufacturers' devices are selected from among 30 various manufacturers. It was initially determined that there would be no interoperability problems when using electronic devices that satisfy IEC 61850 international standard, but there have been large and small obstacles in digital substations from initial operation until now. The main reason for this was that, except for device failure, communication messages were interpreted in information exchange between facilities, and when a failure occurred, the response and interpretation method was different for each manufacturer.
IEC 61850 international standard is not defined to use all expression methods in the same way. Within a certain range, IEC 61850 has the range that manufacturers can freely be implemented, and the continuous change in the operating condition and software affects the interoperability of digital substation. Trouble simulator is a device to test the performance of conventional and new devices in digital substation by reproducing the field failures occurring in the digital substation. In addition, it is possible to prepare countermeasures and secure interoperability of digital substation system by simulating and testing possible obstacles in advance. In this paper, it will be discussed the configuration of the developed trouble simulator for failure testing of digital substations and actual application cases