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Title Design and analysis of an optical monitoring system for cervical cancer cells
Authors 이훈(Hun Lee) ; 오지현(Ji-Hyeon Oh) ; 박건석(Gun-Seok Park) ; 최세운(Se-woon Choe)
Page pp.1761-1766
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Cancer Cells; flow cytometry; fluorescence; LED; Optical Characteristics; Photodiode; Scattering of light
Abstract Flow cytometer is a device for precise analysis of cells by measuring scattering of light and fluorescence according to the cell type.
It is used for various purposes in many fields such as molecular biology, immunology, and pathology. However, flow cytometry is expensive and inconvenient in terms of maintenance when simple comparisons between cells are performed or when only simple measurement such as the number of cells is required. In this study, we designed a system that can measure forward scatter, side scatter, and fluorescent scatter using LED and photodiode. As a result, it was possible to measure the fluorescence scattering of cervical cancer cells stained with Calcein AM or DiD, and a high linear relationship with the number of cells was confirmed.