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Title A method for static capacitor and series reactor capacity measurement of live wire state
Authors 박성구(Sung-Koo Park) ; 한동균(Dong-Gyun Han) ; 이진락(Jin-Rak Lee) ; 전명수(Myung-Su Jeon) ; 김성철(Seong-Cheol Kim)
Page pp.1767-1772
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Harmonics; Condenser; Series reactor; Capacitance measurement method
Abstract As the static condenser used to improve the power system power factor is installed, a voltage distortion due to inflow of harmonics occurs. In order to reduce harmonics, a series reactor is installed and operated. However, the fault countermeasures due to the burnout of the serial reactor is insufficient. In this paper, a method for measuring the condenser capacity of a live wire status and a series reactor capacity was proposed. In this paper, we propose a method of measuring the capacity of the condenser in the live wire state and the capacity of the series reactor, and provide the basis data for predicting the deterioration state and the degree of performance degradation of the condenser and the series reactor. also, to verify the proposed capacitor capacity measurement method, the capacity measurement method and the effectiveness of the measurement equipment were verified by conducting a demonstration test in connection with the capacity measurement equipment at a demonstration site where L and C values of live wires.