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Title A Study on the Variation of the Power Factor according to the Multiples of the 3-phase Induction Motor Starting Current
Authors 김종겸(Jong-Gyeum Kim)
Page pp.1773-1777
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Induction Motor; Power Factor; Reactive Power; Starting Current; Voltage Drop
Abstract Induction motor is one of the most representative inductive loads. Induction motor is a rotating electric device unlike a transformer, and its power factor is different between starting and normal operation. In particular, the power factor of starting is lower than during normal operation. This is because the proportion of reactive power required to form a rotating magnetic field at the initial starting is higher than the amount of active power associated with the output. Induction motor is mainly used in places that require a fast rotation speed. Induction motor can be quickly acquired at rated torque when directly starting, but have a disadvantage in that a voltage drop occurs due to high current generated at starting. In addition to affecting the voltage drop, the size of the starting current can also affect the power factor until the rated speed is reached according to the duration. In this study, we analyzed changes in power, power factor, and voltage drop in the process of reaching the rated speed from starting when the multiples of the starting current were different for induction motors of the same capacity.