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Title A Study on the Improvement of Electrified Railway Inducing Voltage Calculation Algorithm
Authors 최경(Kyung Choi) ; 최황규(Hwang-Kyu Choi) ; 이상무(Sang-Moo Lee) ; 이향범(Hyang-Beom Lee)
Page pp.1785-1794
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Electrified railway; Induction Voltage; Predictive Calculation; Magnetic Induction; EMI
Abstract An improved algorithm to predict the induced voltage at the communication line by the electrified railway is presented, and the effects of the revised factors are reviewed and a verification through field measurement is performed. In addition, through this research process, we could find points to note about the preparation of input data. As a result of expanding the number of parallel conductors used to apply the multi-conductor calculation method according to the actual system, and applying the proper impedance calculation formula according to the position of the conducting line, a reduction ratio of 41-50% compared to the existing program is obtained. Field surveys are conducted to verify the effectiveness of this program, and very valid results are obtained that match the measurement situation. Therefore, the program with this algorithm can be applied practically in predicting and taking prevention in advance of dangers caused to communication facilities before railway construction.