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Title Effect of h-BN Filler on the Space Charge and Electrical Conduction Properties of Eco-friendly Power Cable Insulators
Authors 김철호(Chul-Ho Kim) ; 이준호(June-Ho Lee)
Page pp.89-95
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Space charge; PEA method; Electrical conductivity; HVDC; Power cable; Eco-friendly; Insulator; h-BN filler
Abstract As the demand for HVDC increases, interest in the accumulation of space charges under DC electric field is increasing. In addition, interest in eco-friendly insulating materials that can replace XLPE, an existing power cable insulating materials, is steadily increasing.
Therefore, in this study, we prepared XLPE, eco-friendly insulating materials and sample in which nano-particle(h-BN: hexagonal boron nitride) were added to eco-friendly insulating material. The space charge distribution and conductivity were measured and analyzed for the prepared samples, and the space charge and conductivity characteristics of each sample were compared. As results, in space charge characteristics, eco-friendly insulating materials showed relatively excellent characteristics compared to XLPE.
However, it was observed that the space charge characteristics of sample added with h-BN was not good compared to samples not added. In the conduction characteristics, eco-friendly materials showed excellent characteristics compared to XLPE.