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Title A Study on the Detection Method of Malicious URLs based on the Internet Search Engines using the Machine Learning
Authors 김종관(Jongkwan Kim) ; 장민해(Minhae Jang) ; 임선아(Suna Lim) ; 김명수(Myongsoo Kim)
Page pp.114-120
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Malicious URL; Abnormal URL; Search Engine; Phishing; Detection; Machine Learning
Abstract As internet technology develops and there are increases in cyber activities such as e-mail, SNS and e-commerce, cyber security is being emphasized as one of the most important social issues. In particular, spam mail, SMS phishing and other malicious URLs to breach personal data are inflicting financial and physical damage. This paper proposes a malicious URL detection method based on search volume from internet search engines to resolve such problem. The search volume-based malicious URL detection method uses portal search engines to automatically search URLs linked to emails, text messages and SNS to determine whether or not they can be categorized as malicious URLs according to the volume of the search result. This method allows normal URLs, but will protect to abnormal behaviors.