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Title Counter Digit Recognition in Power Meter Image Using YOLO and CRNN
Authors 차영화(Young Hwa Cha) ; 박병준(Byung Joon Park)
Page pp.201-206
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Meter Reading; Object Detection; OCR; YOLO; CRNN
Abstract This study proposes a method for automatically recognizing digits in power meter images. Our targets are analog power meters that display usage with four counters. We employed object detection to find the numeric domain in the meter image. And optical character recognition was performed to recognize digits in the detected numeric area. Two types of deep neural network models are used for object detection and optical character recognition. To train the model and evaluate its performance, we generated datasets from meter images. In this paper, we propose a model in which two types of deep neural networks are connected, and this model has more than 98% recognition performance