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Title Design and Implementation of Command-and-Control Voice User Interface for Server Management Systems
Authors 구흥서(Heung-Seo Koo)
Page pp.207-212
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Voice User Interfaces; Command-and-Control; Annyang Library; Voice Interface Technology
Abstract Voice interface technology is a technology that enables dialogue between machines and humans by using ‘words’, one of the most natural means of communication for humans. One of the advantages of using the voice interface when entering commands is that it can be used in parallel with the keyboard interface. Therefore, usability can be improved by supporting a voice user interface in softwares running on computer servers or PCs. In this study, a command-and-control interface was designed and implemented for a multi-server management system that manages multiple servers. The command input mode used voice and keyboard, and the information output mode used the screen and beep interface. The voice recognizing software can be run in a web browser and uses the open source Annyang library. The results of this study are expected to be utilized in the design of voice user interfaces for application software, facility management software, and IoT device monitoring systems for professional users.