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Title Development of Steering Control System for a Self-Propelled Potato Harvester Using a Displacement Difference Ridge Tracking Method
Authors 임훈(Hoon Lim) ; 서명국(Myoung Kook Seo) ; 신희영(Hee Young Shin) ; 윤병운(Byong Un Yun) ; 방병주(Byoung Ju Bang) ; 주영훈(Young Hoon Joo)
Page pp.213-223
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Self-Propelled Potato Harvester; Steering Control System; Ridge Tracking Method; Ackerman Steering; Displacement Difference
Abstract This paper attempts to introduce the development contents of a steering control system using the displacement difference ridge tracking method of a self-propelled potato harvester. Currently, the self-propelled potato harvester is operated manually, and it is easy to automate because it performs repetitive and regular movements and operations in a regularized ridge area. Therefore, we studied a method that can control the steering so that it does not deviate from the path or invade the side ridge while following the center of the ridge being worked. As a result, the equation was established by Ackerman Steering Kinematics, developed a ridge detection sensor and algorithm, and the optimum steering gain value was obtained through an experiment to verify the performance.
The purpose of this study is to increase the work efficiency and convenience of the self-propelled potato harvester used in field farming