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Title A Study on Acoustic Analysis of Stethoscope Signal using the Burg Algorithm
Authors 김동준(Dong-Jun Kim)
Page pp.236-242
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Acoustic Analysis; Stethoscope Signal; Heartsound Production Modelling; Linear Prediction; Formant frequencies
Abstract This study describes an acoustic analysis method of stethoscope signal using the Burg algorithm which is a kind of linear prediction, considering the heartsound production mechanism is linear and can be modelled by an inverse filter of the all-pole model. For this study, normal and heart diseased stethoscope sounds were collected in the pediatrics of an university hospital. The collected signals were preprocessed by noise filtering and analyzed by the Burg algorithm, a kind of linear prediction. The AR spectra and the formants for the heartsounds for the normal and the diseased children are estimated and the results are compared.
The spectra showed outstanding differences in morphology and formant frequencies between the normal and the diseased children.
Normal children showed relatively low frequency of F1(the first formant) and small negative slope from F1. VSD children revealed stiff slope change around F1 to F3. Spectra of ASD children is similar with the normal case, but have negative values of F3. F1-F2 difference of the functional murmur children were relatively large.