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Title Guided hole excavating device for ground Rod construction and the method for reducing ground resistance with Carbon tube ground copper rod
Authors 김영배(Young-Bae Kim) ; 이기종(Ki-Jong Lee) ; 문현우(Hyun-Woo Moon) ; 손준상(Jun-Sang Son)
Page pp.249-252
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Grounding Method; Non-Destructive; Drill Gadget; Resistance Reducer; Carbon Ground rod
Abstract In korea, the electric facilities and communication equipments have been built with a grounding construction in order to protect human life from electrical shock of lightning/ surge voltage and secure the performance of electric appliances and rapid emit an impulsive current into underground for safety. Also, the value of grounding resistance of the electric facilities was legislated to certain resistance value in korea and it should be perform the reinforcement construction for maintaining less than the specified value. But it’s very hard to carry out the grounding reinforcement construction without any damage on the seven underground utilities scattered around underground of downtown area. Futhermore, although it is inevitable to use additional resistance reducing materials for qualifying the value, but the porosity of ground and resultant loss of reducer make that uncontrollable. Therefore we had to seek the process of minimizing the economic loss and basically preventing the national property loss, negligent accident, futhermore, appling the method of cost reduction as well.