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Title A study on the determination of the optimal compression strength for overhead distribution line jumper sleeve
Authors 전시식(Si-Shik Jeon) ; 박철배(Chul-Bae Park) ; 김영달(Young-Dal Kim)
Page pp.253-258
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Sleeve compression strength; Overhead line; Branch sleeve
Abstract This is a study on the determination of optimal compression strength of jumper sleeves for distribution overhead wires using aluminum conductor. In order to determine the optimal compression strength, problems of the existing oiled compression standards were reviewed, and conductor resistance, porosity, tensile strength tests and statistical analysis were conducted to propose new standards. As a result of the test, it was found that 10[tonf], which is less than the current 13[tonf] compressive strength applied to aluminum conductors, is the optimal compression strength. Therefore, in this paper, We propose to reduce the standard for applying the compressive strength of jumpers from 13[tonf] to 10[tonf] or more, which is a place where tension does not occur like jumper sleeve.