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Title A Study on the Analysis of Resilience Enhancement for the Distribution System using Microgrids
Authors 손은태(Eun-Tae Son) ; 배인수(In-Su Bae) ; 김성열(Sung-Yul Kim) ; 김욱원(Wook-Won Kim) ; 김동민(Dong-Min Kim)
Page pp.843-851
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Distribution system; Microgrid; Operation strategy; Resilience enhancement; Indices
Abstract In order to elaborate analysis of resilience enhancement for distribution system considering microgrids, this paper reviews quantification methods, and measurement criteria. Through this, it was confirmed that the resilience evaluation of the distribution system needs to be performed using not only capability but also number of serviced customers and critical customers. Therefore, this paper proposes the indices for evaluating the recovery quantity, degree, and velocity of system resilience based on the concept reviewed above, and verifies their usefulness. The calculation results of the proposed indices demonstrated that the effect of the distribution system for different fault situations and the resilience enhancement effect of the distribution system through microgrids could be provided quantitatively. Moreover, the proposed indices can be used to analyze the distribution system having mutually different structures as the results are calculated through a unified evaluation standard