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Title Comparative Study of Grid Conditions on Three-phase PWM Rectifier Performance
Authors 김동연(Dongyeon Kim) ; 김재창(Jae-Chang Kim) ; 곽상신(Sangshin Kwak)
Page pp.867-877
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Three-phase PWM rectifier; grid condition; total harmonic distortion; dc voltage ripple
Abstract In this paper, the input and output performance of a three-phase pulse width modulation (PWM) rectifier operated by each of three different control techniques based on current control and power control in the grid with harmonics and unbalanced components are compared and analyzed. Regardless of the basic and high-efficiency types, the same current-controlled and power-controlled techniques showed similar performance in the harmonics and unbalanced grid conditions. In all grid conditions with harmonics and unbalanced components, the output voltage by the power-controlled rectifier has a lower ripple value than the output voltage by the current-controlled rectifier. Therefore, in terms of output voltage ripple, it is confirmed that the power-controlled rectifier shows more robust characteristics in harmonics and unbalanced grid condition.