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Title Development of Image Analysis System for Nailfold Capillaries Using Smartphone
Authors 배서연(SeoYeon Bae) ; 이언석(Onseok Lee)
Page pp.905-910
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Nail capillary; smartphone; image processing; 3D modeling
Abstract The condition of the capillaries is directly affected by inflammatory cells in the disease, resulting in abnormal changes in the occurrence of the disease. Capillary observations can identify not only the current condition of the disease but also the expected diseases, which is of great importance. Existing nail capillary examinations are difficult to obtain optimal images by light reflection by oil and are being conducted by the examiner’s supervision, so there are difficulties in objective diagnosis. Also, it is difficult for busy modern people to visit the hospital because they need expensive equipment. Thus, this study developed an imaging algorithm that produces observational devices that can be simply mounted and used in mobile devices and automatically divides capillaries from the background. This study allows users to obtain images without being constrained by space and to observe capillary conditions quickly through objective and intuitive data.