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Title Driving Characteristics according to Δ-Connection and Y-Connection of a Switched Reluctance Motor
Authors 정성인(Sung-In Jeong)
Page pp.918-923
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Switched Reluctance Motor; Δ-Connection; Y-Connection; AC Motor; Asymmetric Bridge Converter; Universal Inverter
Abstract A general SRM driving converter uses an asymmetric bridge converter with a structure in which a winding is placed between the upper and lower switches to excite one by one. The asymmetric bridge converter has a structure having two switches and two freewheeling diodes, so it has high efficiency and can control various types, and the current control of each phase is independent, so it is possible to overlap the current of two phases. In addition, even when a fault occurs in one phase, there is no significant effect on the other phase, and the control performance is excellent, such as a relatively low rated voltage of the device. On the other hand, the number of elements is relatively large, the drive circuit is complicated, and it is impossible to modularize the switching element. Therefore, the size of the heat sink for the switching element and the freewheeling diode increases, and thus the production cost increases. It is possible to simplify the AC motor drive system by using IPM(Intelligent Power Module) modularized with six switching elements as a connection structure between AC motors such as induction motors and synchronous motors and generalpurpose inverters with upper and lower switches. Therefore, there is an advantage of being able to reduce the size and structure of a simplified circuit compared to an SRM driving system using an asymmetric bridge converter. In this paper, considering these contents, to apply the general-purpose inverter used in AC motors instead of the asymmetric bridge converter used in generalpurpose SRM driving converters, we will examine the driving characteristics according to the Δ-connection and Y-connection of the SRM connection structure. In addition, we will study the switching control method to apply the universal inverter of AC motor according to the Δ-connection and Y-connection.