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Title Analysis of blocking characteristics for each type of superconducting wire to reduce the breaking time of DC circuit breakers
Authors 구희석(Hui-Seok Gu) ; 박상용(Sang-Yong Park) ; 최혜원(Hye-Won Choi) ; 최효상(Hyo-Sang Choi)
Page pp.930-935
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Superconducting fault current limiter; Winding type; Magnetic field; Magnetic flux density; Superconducting wire
Abstract DC cutoff must be completed within a few ms. Therefore, this paper derives the optimal superconducting wire winding method for efficient current limiting and fast execution of the blocking operation. First, the electromagnetic field characteristics of the superconducting wire according to the winding type were analyzed using the Maxwell program. After that, the EMTDC/PSCAD program was used to analyze the DC blocking performance according to the winding type. Based on the simulation results, as a result of the DC cut-off experiment for each winding type, the spiral type superconductor has a higher resistance rise curve than the helical type, so it is possible to limit the current efficiently by up to 4.01%. In addition, as the magnetic field characteristics are high, the quench of the superconductor operates quickly and the operation time of the circuit breaker is shortened by 0.19 ms, so it can be confirmed that the blocking completion time is also reduced by 0.25 ms.