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Title An Analysis on Characteristics of High Resistance Impedance Mid-Point Grounding Method for the 2-Wire LVDC Power System
Authors 임대식(Dae-Sik Lim) ; 이기연(Ki-Yeon Lee) ; 김동우(Dong-Woo Kim) ; 채동주(Dong-Ju Chae) ; 임승택(Seung-Taek Lim) ; 문재현(Jae-Hyeon Mun)
Page pp.936-944
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords DC Grounding; Fault Current; DC Safety; High Resistance Mid-point Grounding; DC ground fault analysis; LVDC systems
Abstract It is very important to prevent electrical accident, especially the electric shock when it comes to LVDC system as it is widely used in public. Commonly, the mid-point grounding is used in voltage above 200 V (Line-to-Ground) in some countries like USA and Japan. In IEC regulation 60364, there are many theories of grounding in AC and DC system with their own special use. Also, grounding in DC system can be varied as there can be many combination of grounding points including positive/negative electrodes, mid-point wire and mid-point grounding. The purpose of this study is to analyze characteristics of advanced grounding in residence DC system in view of grounding and protection through reviewing the standard IT grounding system, body-current-paths of high-resistance mid-point grounding and impact from electrolytic corrosion of earth electrodes.