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Title A Study on the Practical Field Application of Bifacial Module Power Generation System
Authors 박흔명(Heun-Myeong Park) ; 조재철(Jae-Cheol Cho)
Page pp.1016-1021
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Bifacial Module; PV Power Plant; Power Conversion Rate(PCR); Irradiation Reflectance rate(IR)
Abstract In this paper, bifacial modules(6.08[kW]) with the same amount of power production were installed in PV power plants with monofacial modules (6.12[kW]) to analyze the power production patterns of monofacial modules and bifacial modules. There was no significant change in rear irradiance due to changes in front irradiance, and both modules produced power proportional to solar irradiance. Average power conversion rate of bifacial modules was 8.07[%] higher than monofacial modules. Power production(power conversion rate and energy conversion rate) increased when the floor reflection surface area was made with, silver foil hemisphere, and foil vinyl. Except when shading film is installed. Power production (power conversion rate and energy conversion rate) increased when floor reflection area was made of shading film, silver foil hemispheric vinyl, and silver foil vinyl. Except when covering the shading net. The power conversion rate of silver foil hemispheric vinyl, which can be applied to large solar power plant sites, rose 0.46[%], and the power conversion rate rose 1.58[%] when silver foil vinyl was installed. However, considering the difference between the area of silver foil hemispheric vinyl(1.77[m2 ]) and silver foil vinyl(16[m2 ]), the power conversion rate of silver foil hemispheric vinyl will be higher if installed in the same area.