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Title Thermal and Electromagnetic Characteristics on Segmented 3K Metal-coated Carbon Fiber Wire
Authors 이기택(Gi Taek Lee) ; 조용기(Yong KI Cho) ; 김원석(Won Seok Kim) ; 김지연(Ji Yeon Kim)
Page pp.1022-1028
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Metal-coated carbon fiber; segmented wire; sheet heater; thermal; electromagnetic
Abstract Metal such as a nickel-chrome and Ag-coated copper wire has been used to heating wire. The metal-heating wire, however, is used to be causing of risk of fire due to disconnection by low mechanical properties, low heat efficiency, and low emissivity. In this study, metal coated carbon fibers (MCFs) is replaced to solve the problems that the metal-heating wire has. MCFs show excellent heating properties and mechanical strengths. The 3K MCFs which are divided from 12K MCFs are linearized as a function of the number of twists and sizing content with a stranding machine to suppress fluff, electrical resistance and diameter. The heating properties and electromagnetic of linearized 3K MCFs are evaluated.