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Title A Study on Adaptive Recloser Considering Fuse-Saving Scheme in Radial Distribution System
Authors 신광수(Gwang-Su Shin) ; 송진솔(Ji-Soo Kim) ; 김호영(Jin-Sol Song) ; 김철환(Ho-Young Kim)
Page pp.1044-1050
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Adaptive Recloser Setting; Automatic Setting; Distribution System; Fuse-saving Scheme; Protective Coordination; System Reliability
Abstract The distribution system provides power to a large area, so the supply distance is short, but the system structure is complicated by many branch lines. In addition, changes in the system structure are frequent due to changes in load or restoration and facility inspection. Nevertheless, high quality and reliable power supply are important to customers because the distribution system is located adjacent to them. Protective coordination is very important for a reliable power supply. The distribution system, which is mostly temporary, uses protective coordination using Recloser and Fuse extensively. However, in terms of adaptive protective coordination, it is not easy for Fuse to change its capacity according to changes in the environment of the distribution system. Therefore, we propose to consider adaptive protective coordination with a relatively easy-to-setting Recloser. In this paper, we study adaptive Recloser setting considering the Fuse-saving scheme, focusing on protective coordination between Recloser and Fuse in the distribution system