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Title A Study on the Mid-Long Term Load Forecasting Method for Power Distribution Planning
Authors 조진태(Jintae Cho) ; 김홍주(Hongjoo Kim) ; 유호성(Hosung Ryu) ; 윤영걸(Yeunggurl Yoon) ; 최승연(Sungyun Choi)
Page pp.1239-1247
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Distribution planning; Mid to Long term load forecasting; Ensemble model; Spatial load allocation
Abstract This paper explained a mid-long term load forecasting that can reflect the pattern of increasing loads when is planning the installation of lines and facilities in terms of distribution system. In the case of mid-long term models, unlike short-term models, additional social and economic variables are needed, so input variables should be selected through data analysis on input and output relationships. Then, this paper investigated existing used load forecasting models and analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of them.
Finally, this paper proposed a method of load forecasting mode for mid-long term distribution planning.